Kaz Hayashi's 1999 Track Record

1/2-lost to Chavo Guerrero Jr.(0-1-0)
1/3-lost to Chavo Guerrero Jr.(0-2-0)
1/11-drew Rey Mysterio Jr.(0-2-1)--The outcome of this is questionable, as Lex Luger interrupted the match. He attacked Kaz first, but it is debatable whether it was a DQ win for Kaz or a No Contest.)
1/23-defeated Lash LeRoux(1-2-1)
1/27-La Parka, Kendo, & Blitzkrieg d. Kaz, Psicosis, & Ron Rivera
1/28-lost to Bam Bam Bigelow(1-3-1)
1/29-lost to Chavo Guerrero Jr.(1-4-1)
1/30-lost to Chavo Guerrero Jr.(1-5-1)
2/11-Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko d. Kaz & Van Hammer
2/13-Lost to Scotty Riggs(1-6-1)
2/22-lost to Disco Inferno(1-7-1)
2/28-Kaz & Silver King d. Norman Smiley and La Parka
3/3-lost to Prince Iaukea(1-8-1)
3/5-lost to Prince Iaukea(1-9-1)
3/6-drew Blitzkrieg(1-9-2)
3/20-lost to Raven(1-10-2)
3/25-lost to Horace(1-11-2)
4/1-Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko d. Kaz and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
4/3-lost to Chris Jericho(1-12-2)
5/1-lost to Cruiserweight Champ Rey Mysterio Jr.(1-13-2)
5/20-lost to Cruiserweight Champ Rey Mysterio Jr.(1-14-2)
5/24-Kaz was involved in a Cruiserweight Battle Royal, which was interrupted by Hugh Morrus and Jimmy Hart.
5/27-d. Lash LeRoux(2-14-2)
5/28-d. Blitzkrieg(3-14-2)
5/29-d. Blitzkrieg(4-14-2)
5/30-d. Blitzkrieg(5-14-2)
6/4-lost to Juventud Guerrera(5-15-2)
6/5-lost to Juventud Guerrera(5-16-2)
6/6-lost to Juventud Guerrera(5-17-2)
6/26-d. Blitzkrieg(6-17-2)
7/2-lost to Prince Iaukea(6-18-2)
7/3(taped beforehand)-d. El Dandy(7-18-2)
7/3(house show)-d. Prince Iaukea(8-18-2)
7/10-Kaz & Evan Karagias d. Lenny Lane & Lodi
7/22-lost to Van Hammer(8-19-2)
7/23-Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko d. Kaz & Chavo Guerrero Jr.
7/24-Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko d. Kaz & Chavo Guerrero Jr.
8/15-lost to Prince Iaukea(8-20-2)
8/21(WCWSN)-lost to Kidman(8-21-2)
8/21(Worldwide)-lost to Prince Iaukea(8-22-2)
8/30-d. Lodi(pinned Lenny after a double-switch)(9-22-2)
9/2-d. El Dandy(10-22-2)
9/9-d. Lodi(11-22-2)
9/10-lost to Chavo Guerrero Jr.(11-23-2)
9/12-lost to WCW Cruiserweight Champion Lenny Lane(11-24-2)

According to DDT Digest's "Pay Winda" feature, Kaz was 7-20-2 through 7/31. Anyone who's been here knows that that is incorrect...

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