Shiima Nobunaga

Welcome to the first, and so far only, Shiima Nobunaga tribute page!

Shiima currently wrestles with Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon promotion. He has held the IWRG Welterweight Title. He has also made a few appearances in WCW, tagging with Tokyo Magnum as well as wrestling on his own. He's part of the CrazyMax stable with Sumo Fuji and Judo Suwa.

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Ring Name: Shiima Nobunaga
Real Name: Nobuhiko Oshima
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Finishing Move: Air Shiima/Mad Splash(frog splash)
Birthdate: November 15, 1977
WCW Record: 0-7
Titles Held: IWRG Welterweight

Match/Title History

The music in the background is "Mr. Speed" by Kiss.

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