Right now the only matches I have are those he's contested in WCW...but I will have others later.

WCW Matches

11/29/97(Worldwide)-Ciclope d. Shiima Nobunaga
3/14/98(Worldwide)-Ciclope d. Shiima Nobunaga
4/6/98(Nitro)-La Parka, Psicosis, and El Dandy d. Tokyo Magnum, Shiima Nobunaga, and Judo Suwa
4/25/98(Worldwide)-Ultimo Dragon d. Shiima Nobunaga
6/29/98(Nitro)-Dancin' Fools(Disco Inferno and Alex Wright) d. Tokyo Magnum and Shiima Nobunaga
7/8/98(Thunder)-Public Enemy d. Tokyo Magnum and Shiima Nobunaga
7/18/98(Saturday Night)-Ultimo Dragon d. Shiima Nobunaga
8/30/98({Pro})-Ultimo Dragon d. Shiima Nobunaga
12/17/98(Thunder)-Disco Inferno d. Shiima Nobunaga
12/26/98(Saturday Night)-Perry Saturn d. Shiima Nobunaga
12/28/98(Nitro)-Ernest Miller d. Shiima Nobunaga


IWRG Welterweight Title
Won From Dr. Cerebro, 12/13/98
Lost to Ultimo Vampiro, 5/30/99
Reign: 168 days