DDT Digest

Rowdy Girl's WCW Page

MarkWeb: Home of the Scotty Riggs, Public Enemy, and Mike Enos sites.

Da Fresh Prinz's Cameron Diaz Page

Ultimo Dragon Dojo: A page dedicated to the trainer of the Dragon Kid, Ultimo Dragon. I have been linked on the page so it was only appropriate to link back.

SuperPsicosis Lucha Libre: One of the better Lucha Libre pages on the Web.

Ollie's Wrestling Resources

Official Ultimo Dragon's Gym Site: In Spanish and Japanese.

THE Official Chris Jericho Home Page: Our Paragon of Virtue!

The Official Eddy Guerrero Home Page: Eddy is the only man in America professional enough to lose to the Dragon Kid.

World Championship Wrestling Official Home Page: Then again, these are the guys who jobbed El Dandy to FRIGGIN' David Flair.

Wrestling Supercards and Tournaments: Cool site.

Ultimo Dragon Page: Has a great bio on Dragon Kid's trainer.

Oyuki's Japanese Wrestling News(In English): Now only has a mailing list...though you should join it.

Tope! Tope! Tope!: Site dedicated to the high-flyin' Lucha Libre action. A great place to buy Lucha Libre masks, t-shirts, etc. In Japanese. Has pictures, which are pretty easy to find even if you don't know Japanese(like me).

The Psicosis Fan Page: The home of the Psicosis Fan Club. (This site is also owned by Tom Stephenson. Er...that's me.)

Tokyo Magnum Page: Yes, one really exists...

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